Reliability Intel Core i5 and i7

Written By The Ones on Monday, November 2, 2009 | 8:24 AM

Intel Core processor family I5, and two new processor series Intel Core i7 Nehalem microarchitecture will bring the latest to the mainstream desktop.
Intel Core formerly code-named? Lynnfield? is a chip built on Nehalem micro-architecture and is designed for users who require reliable performance for digital media, gaming, and heavy applications other. Intel Core processor with Intel P55 express chipset has the latest available to the users of today.

All processors free of lead and halogens and is equipped with a turbo boost technology. The top line of Core i7 processors are also supported by Intel ® Hyper-Threading. Combination of both provides an absolute intelligence on the computer when needed and the optimal efficiency when the computer battery is not too full.

The latest chipset design that brings a revolutionary change since the discovery of the PCI bus in the early 1990s and became a reference for the computer format in 2010. Intel P55 Express Chipset will be the basis of the motherboard components around the world.

Latest Core i7 processor and the I5 is the first Intel processor that integrates 16-lane PCI Express graphics ports and 2 two-channel memory controller that allows all inputs and outputs is set by a chip that Intel P55 Express Chipset. Intel Chipset previously requiring two separate chips. A Direct Media Interface (DMI) to connect the processor with the latest chipset. Chipset supports 8 PCI Express 2.0 x1 Ports (2.5GT / s) for the device to be flexible. In addition chipset also supports 6 SATA 3 Gb / s ports with Intel Matrix Storage Technology provides RAID levels 0/1/5/10. USB 2.0 up to 14 ports can be added to the chipset that is integrated with USB 2.0 Hub Matching Rate and Intel High Definition Audio to get the quality of premium digital sound. This new processor is the first to use the Land Grid Array package (LGA) 1156 and socket technology.

Mobile processor Intel Core i7 latest, with the addition of PM55 Express Chipset, to deliver the best experience for gaming laptop is intense, digital media, photos, music, business applications and multi-threaded software are demanding more high speed in the process. The chip also increases the overall performance when using the application simultaneously.

"With powerful features such as Intel Turbo Boost Technology, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and features Intel processors has revolutionized pc laptops, providing performance when you need it and energy efficiency when you do not use it," said Budi Wahyu Jati, Country Manager, Intel Indonesia Corporation.

Intel Core i7 previous mobile code-named? Clarksfield? using the Intel Turbo Boost Technology that can increase the clock speed of the processor by 75 percent to compensate for the work load and give the best performance in applications with high thread-multi-threaded using power from Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology. Latest mobile processor Intel Core i7 is equipped with two-channel memory support DDR3 1333 MHz and a full 1 x16 or 2 x8 PCI Express 2.0 graphics.

Laptops with mobile processor Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition supports Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (Intel XMP), and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, this advanced tool enables users to perform Overlock and make your laptop sound to be clear for outstanding performance and optimization of the battery. In addition, Intel PM55 Express Chipset, the sophisticated workstations and gaming specific laptops that can support features such as Intel Matrix Storage Technology, Intel High-Definition Audio, and increased I / O interface.


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