Proxy Pro 7 Compatible with Windows 7

Written By The Ones on Friday, October 30, 2009 | 11:09 AM

Proxy Network announced the latest generation of remote desktop software they besutan, Proxy Pro 7. This new software also supports the Windows operating system version 7 and 32-bit 64-bit.

"All customers and partners around the world is very pleased with the presence of Windows 7. We work hard to bring the proxy pro-7 as a remote desktop solution, with full remote control and remote management capabilities that fit with Windows 7," said Proxy Networks CEO Andy Kim , as quoted by Red Orbit, Friday (30/10/2009).

In addition, Proxy Pro 7 also supports other operating systems such as Macintosh and Linux. Target, this software can run on servers with standard VNC, but does not require additional software to support remote access from the PROXY Pro 7.0.

"Proxy Pro is the preferred choice of hundreds of schools, colleges and other educational organizations. Now, with Macintosh and Linux support, we can help them expand their reach to the entire community, both on campus and at home," said Nicole Omsted, Senior Sales Manager for Proxy Networks.

Using Proxy Pro 7 has a very easy tool to use for users, and can automatically install and easy


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