Intel Optimize SSD Performance Windows 7

Written By The Ones on Monday, November 2, 2009 | 9:43 AM

Intel has launched a Solid State Drive (SSD) 34nm. SSD is working on X25-M SATA embedded into the operating system "warmest" debutants Microsoft, Windows 7. According to Intel, both optimization problems and the inclusion of the same update using the attributes of Windows 7 is known as the trim to ensure a high level of performance further.

"Trim is a part of the Windows ATA Command Data Set Management, an operating system synching of files to be memerlihatkan file deletion, however, this file is not deleted it," explained Intel over a statement.

Peter Hazen, a spokesman for Intel, adding that this firmware update will provide a significant performance improvement for 34nm SSD X25-M 160GB. Advantages include write speeds up to 100MB per second. In addition, the toolbox also offers system performance enhancements for users of Windows XP and Vista.

However, John Savil (from Windows ITPro) noted that only the Trim that will improve the performance of the file will be deleted.

"If you overwrite an existing file, then the Trim can not help and you will memeroleh the same performance with degradasinya write without the help of Trim," explained Savil.


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