Windows 7 'Inspired' from Mac OS

Written By The Ones on Saturday, November 14, 2009 | 10:17 PM

Microsoft is surprisingly admitted that the operating system that runs on the Mac is very attractive. Even their the latest operating system , Windows 7 is not directly inspired by these competitors.

"What we've tried to do with Windows 7 is that the traditional format or the format of a touch, indirectly inspired by the Mac's look and graphics," say Microsoft group manager Simon Aldous, who launched PCR, Friday (13/11/2009).

"One of the reasons why we were inspired, because many people say about Apple's Mac OS is fantastic, with stunning graphics, and easy to use. Therefore we are encouraged to beat," he added

However, Simon added, although the graphical Windows 7 much 'borrowed' from the Mac OS X graphics, graphics and technology that Microsoft brought far more stable than the Mac platform.

Unfortunately this is not the opinion of the technology columnist Walt Mossberg. The man who wrote a review about Windows 7 it says, besutan Microsoft's latest OS is as good as the Mac OS. Yet he admitted that he still preferred OS besutan Steve Jobs for everyday use.

"In my view, Snow Leopard still faster and reliable. This is because several applications built-in Apple still more complete, such as email, photo and video software. Windows 7 unable to compete about the technology," said Mossberg.


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