Britney Spears Twitter Hacked

Written By The Ones on Saturday, November 14, 2009 | 10:36 PM

The pop star, Britney spears, be a victim of hackers. In fact, hackers had written update on Twitter and MySpace's Spears.

As reported by China Daily, Saturday (14/11/2009), a hacker could write a message which claims that the singer known for his tembang Baby One More Time it was a devil worshiper.

Management Spears instantly delete a number of posts-posts that uploaded by hackers who broke into account.

Britney Spears was known to often use Twitter to greet his fans. Recorded, Spears has approximately 3.7 million followers.

Twitter is managed by the management Spears, but sometimes Kevin Federline's ex-wife was also frequently update their own status.

Result caused by hackers, Spears apologized for any messages written by hackers to all fans.


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