Google Chrome For Mac OS

Written By The Ones on Saturday, November 14, 2009 | 10:13 PM

Google is rumored to be soon launched a beta version of Chrome browser for the Apple Mac platform, namely Chrome 4.0. Hopefully, this became another alternative for Mac users in the surf in cyberspace.

"Our team has worked hard to get the Chrome beta version for Mac to get ready. Please note, we've besutan Chrome works great on Windows and Linux," explained a Google spokesperson, told Vnunet, Friday (13/11 / 2009).

Nick Baum, Product Manager at Chrome Mac developers to add even have to wait, but in that period was not long before they will build a valuable experience to add mengoprek extension options.

"The sooner you switch, the more time you have experience in making our Beta version will be released in early December," Baum writes.

Despite this early December Chrome beta for Mac has been able to use. However, it is unknown what the advantages to be given Google's products, particularly they should be able to attract Mac users who already identical to Safari.


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