Windows 7 profitable sales in Japan

Written By The Ones on Thursday, November 5, 2009 | 2:21 AM

It was not the United States who became the country's most lots sell Windows 7, but Jepang is the most profitable niche for Microsoft.

"Sales of our operating system is the latest, a Windows 7 have a fantastic sales in Japan. And the results are able to save the sale of pesonal computers (PCs) in the country," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, told PC World, Thursday (5 / 11 / 2009).

"We got a good response in Japan. This is a fantastic sales. Sales of Windows 7 in the first 10 days so much better, even than XP and Vista," he added.

Microsoft has a strong support for this new operating system, especially from corporate and individual PC users in Japan. Around 230 companies took part in the early adopter program that put Windows 7 on their hands prior to launch to the public. At the same time, approximately 670 new computers are also launched to coincide with the new operating system. As a result hardware sales have increased up to double digits thanks to Windows 7.

"I think it's pretty obvious when you look at hardware sales, where we have seen a growth of nearly 20 percent annually. And thanks to sales of Windows 7 faster hardware," Ballmer claims.


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