Future Game Console-Based Cloud Computing

Written By The Ones on Saturday, November 14, 2009 | 10:51 PM

Console games in the future will not rely solely on the hard drive for storage. Electronics giant Sony will develop platform console cloud computing (cloud computing).

Ken Kutaragi is, 'father' of the PlayStation console, has started a new development effort based on cloud computing. In addition, Sony Computer Entertainment has set up a new company Cyber Ai Entertainment Inc. last month. The company will focus on the latest networking technology to create a cloud computing for entertainment purposes.

As quoted from the Tech Tree, Sunday (15/11/2009), Kutaragi will focus on cloud computing network to serve the entertainment. Most likely this way may be somewhat similar to the Live gaming service that is displayed on the Game Developers Conference 2009 some time ago.

Kutaragi would expect to see a cloud computing-based console will combine the game with HD video services. However, the platform is unknown when this will soon be adopted, cloud computing menginggat rising popularity recently


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