November 16, Last Day Microsoft Office Accounting

Written By The Ones on Monday, November 2, 2009 | 8:31 AM

The world's largest software producer Microsoft plans to attract Microsoft Office products in mid-November Accountingnya later because it is no longer sold in the market.
Along with the development of increasingly rapid technological, product-as well as other Microsoft products that are not considered attractive anymore. One of them is Microsoft Office Accounting software. For this one product, Microsoft will start the withdrawal in several regions such as North America and England.

Not just one product to be withdrawn but all the products Microsoft Microsoft Office Accounting derivative will no longer be any Microsoft produced, such as Office Accounting Express, Office Accounting Standard, Office Accounting Professional, Office Accounting Professional Plus, Office Accounting 3-user, and Small Business Accounting .

"After a long evaluation in the last few years, we decided to no longer offer these accounting software," said the Microsoft was quoted as saying by Arstechnica, Saturday (31/10/2009).

According to Microsoft, free templates in the other Office System, which is used by Excel and Dynamics was able to meet the accounting needs of Office users.

Site Microsoft Office Small Business presented with links to free templates for small business such as invoices, expenses, time sheets, budget and much more. In addition small businesses will also be assisted by the Small Business Center to complete the accounting work.

Although these new measures will be carried out in the next few weeks, but Microsoft promises to help the Office Accounting customers who want to migrate. Even Microsoft displacement warranty for 5 years.

"For those who want to restore the Office Accounting software, before 30 days of purchase, you can visit the Microsoft site that provided for a re-activation key," said the Microsoft


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