Nvidia Tegra SOC

Written By The Ones on Sunday, January 10, 2010 | 3:12 AM

Nvidia introduced their latest product is, Tegra 2 System-On-Chip (SOC). Demonstration at CES 2010 show, this chip has the ability to capture high-Defintion (HD).

In addition to HD picture capture, Tegra SOC also able to show 3D images with the ability equally well. This chip runs on Unreal Engine and has a Dual-Core architecture ARM Cortex A9, which makes it energy efficient.

PC World, Saturday (9/1/2010), announced that it has Tegra SOC using 40nm fabrication with 8 processors in its own right. Including dual-core CPU to run mobile applications.

Another greatness owned this chip is, the ability to run Adobe Flash Player 10.1, touch-screen 3D, video resolution of 1080p Full HD resolution.

In addition, about the speed of this chip is claimed emapt times faster than ordinary Tegra, and ten times faster than the CPU that is widely used on most smart phones today


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