iPhone Beats Windows Mobile

Written By The Ones on Friday, January 1, 2010 | 9:10 AM

For the first time Apple's operating system embedded in iPhone successfully defeated the Windows Mobile platform created by Microsoft in the United States market.
The results of research released by comScore noted, iPhone successfully reaching approximately 8.97 million users within three months. Compare with Windows Mobile which only 7.13 million users enter. Although the difference is only 1 million users, this is the first time, the iPhone managed to overtake Windows Mobile.

Vnunet launched on Friday (25/12/2009), although the results of the comScore says the success of Windows Mobile over iPhone, but for the operating system of the most popular among mobile device users in Uncle Sam's land is still held by the OS made by Research in Motion is buried the Blackberry with the amount of 14.9 million people.

Actually, this result is not too surprising. Because, in addition to comScore many surveys that some institutions have revealed the fact that OS Windows Mobile getting eroded in the segment operating systems. This Microsoft OS slump exacerbated, with further increasing competition in this segment, because the presence of Android.

Even predictable, that Android currently occupies the fourth position will be straddling the Windows Mobile in 2010. Moreover, the current Android applications that rely on third parties, already has 20 thousand applications in the Android Market


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