16 Month Launched, Chrome defeat Safari

Written By The Ones on Monday, January 4, 2010 | 7:39 AM

Google Chrome only takes approximately 16 months to go beyond Apple's Safari. Net Application data show Chrome is in third with approximately 4.63 percent over browser market, while Safari slumped to fourth position with 4.46 percent.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox still dominates the browser market. However, the reduction in the number of users continue to hit the Internet Explorer (IE). Until December 2009, IE controlled approximately 62.9 percent.

Decrease in the number of Firefox users also experienced a 0.1 percent decline. Net Apllications Firefox master record 24.61 percent. Whereas approximately September 2009, Firefox had 25 percent market control browser.

As reported by PC World, Sunday (3/1/2010), IE fell approximately 0.94 percent during the second semester of 2009. Data released this Apllications Net refers to the browser that you use approximately 160 million Internet users.

Besutan Google Browser, Chrome was recorded 0.7 percent increase. The increase was not separated from the launch of Chrome for Mac and Linux platforms.


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