Google Chrome Vs Safari 4 In JavaScript

Written By The Ones on Friday, January 1, 2010 | 9:17 AM

Google Chrome is mentioned potential defeat the latest Apple browser, Safari 4 in the arena of competition JavaScript.
Contrary to what Apple has claimed, the benchmark study done by the analysts mention Safari 4 is not the fastest browser in the world. Be recognized, however Safari 4 is faster than Mozilla's browsers and Microsoft.

Based on tests conducted JavaScript analysts, Google Chrome upper hand over Safari 4. However, Apple's browser was 38 percent faster than the latest Firefox, three times faster than open source browser, and more than five times faster than IE 8. Such information is quoted from Info World, Thursday (31/12/2009).

Safari 4, which is currently released versions of Apple are still in public beta, a little adrift from Chrome The difference is only a few minutes, if faster dipersentasekan Chrome seven percent of Safari 4.

Although Chrome and Safari are both built on the same open source WebKit engine is, in fact they use a different JavaScript engine.

Lately, most producers are aggressively promoting the browser JavaScript performance. Google for example, heavily promoting its debut at September Chrome ago. While Mozilla, do not stop talking about the benefits of TraceMonkey engine in Firefox 3.1 since August


addiehf said...

safari pasti di babat, FF kalo ga cepet2 ngeluarin veris barunya juga terlindas. dan saya terbayang nanti kalo ChromeOS jadi ke publik bakalan ngelibas MSIE juga (kan pastinya bundel)

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