The Newest Intel Core Series

Written By The Ones on Sunday, January 10, 2010 | 3:19 AM

Intel introduced the latest processor Intel Core series, which brings the level of integration and higher performance than ever before, including the Turbo Boost Technology Intel for laptops, desktops and embedded devices.

Launch of chips Intel Core i7, I5 and I3 in line with the start of the latest manufacturing process of 32 nanometers (nm) which is Intel's latest breakthrough that could produce and distribute efficient processors with features and price range, and the ability of high-definition graphics that are integrated in processor .

Intel introduced several product platforms, including more than 25 processor, chipset and wireless adapter which includes an Intel Core i7, I5 and I3, 5 Series Intel Chipset, and Intel Centrino Wi-Fi and WiMAX Adapter features the Intel My WiFi. The computer manufacturer is expected to produce more than 400 design platform for laptops and desktop PCs by using a series of these products, plus another 200 for embedded devices.

"For the first time, we provide a range of Intel processors with cutting-edge technologies that are available at all price points PC," said Sean Maloney, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intel Architecture Group, through a statement on Friday (8/1/2010).

'Processors' smart' can be adjusted to individual needs, provide a 'boost' performance automatically to the use of daily applications. Series of processors that can turn off the current core or reduce energy consumption so as to improve performance when needed, and save energy when not needed, "he added.

By using micro-architecture design "Nehalem" Intel has won numerous awards, the processor desktop, mobile and embededed the efficient performance for music applications, gaming, video, movies, photos, social networking and other demanding applications. In addition, the system lean and has a thickness of less than 1 inch, ultra-thin laptops that use Intel Core processor 2010 to perform the latest diseimbangi by good design and long battery life.

Among the products introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show 2010, the Intel Core i7 and Core I5 also have Intel Turbo Boost Technology1 and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology2 for adaptive computing power and efficient. Intel's Turbo Boost technology improve performance automatically when needed, according to a computer user's activity load. Intel Hyper-Threading allows Technology2 for computer users to multitask by running several "threads" on each core.

Intel also launched the 5 Series Chipset is the first single-chip solution, which has changed from merely a connector between the components to be able to provide the innovation and capabilities of individual platforms


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