Users Vista Moving to Windows 7

Written By The Ones on Friday, December 18, 2009 | 7:49 PM

Windows Vista users have migrated en masse to Windows 7. However, a large number of XP users are reluctant to survive and make the shift to the newest operating system.
InforWorld survey conducted in recent weeks found that Windows 7 now has about 4 percent market share of 20 thousand respondents surveyed, most of whom come from Vista users, so that makes XP still has the most loyal users. Ever since Vista was released three years ago, the User XP numbers remained stable at 30 percent.

Meanwhile, quoted from PC World, Monday (16/11/2009), another survey conducted NPD Group confirms that the popularity of Windows 7 continues to climb, rather than its predecessor, Vista. The survey found that Windows 7 has been upgraded to 234 percent compared to Windows Vista.

One of these operating systems managed to steal the attention because Windows 7 has a long beta cycle, and has received good feedback from various circles


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