Seagate Produce Thin Hard Drive For laptops

Written By The Ones on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 | 10:37 PM

Development company Seagate Technology hard drives plans to launch a new hard drive for laptops that 25 percent thinner than current models. Later, Seagate-made drives will have a size of up to 7-millimeter that will allow the laptop vendors to reduce the thickness of their computers. And as is known disk drives for laptops are usually either 9.5 millimeters high or 12.5 millimeters. Unfortunately, Seagate does not include details of how the capacity could be included in such a thin drive, because it is usually thicker drives typically offer a larger capacity.
"Finally, we now begin the qualification process of the industry's first hard disk drive with 2.5 inch size and high 7 millimeters," said the head of Seagate Technology Robert Whitmore, told PC World, Wednesday (9/12/2009).

"These new thin Drive is an OEM product that enables our customers to continue to reduce the thickness and weight of their notebook platform," he added.

Actually, about nine out of 10 netbook PCs have relied on the market drives with 9.5-mm high, with a thickness of 2.5-inch to 1.8-inches, but unfortunately most of these drives have cut the capacity penyimpananan.

Seagate drives are thin buataan officially scheduled to be announced on January 5, 2010, two days before the International Consumer Electronics Show which will begin in Las Vegas. not known to be price for Seagate these new products


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