Safari is faster than Chrome

Written By The Ones on Saturday, December 12, 2009 | 1:24 AM

Safari 'run' faster than Firefox and Chrome now runs on Mac OS platforms.
Analysts from Computerworld, Gregg Keizer recently conducted a series of browser speed tests. According to him, Chrome is a new beta version released for Mac OS-based computers are still less rapidly with the Safari browser. Chrome ranked the second fastest of the four browsers tested on Mac computers.

"Chrome render the JavaScript 10 times faster than Opera 10.10 and almost twice as fast as Firefox 3.6 Beta 4, the Mac version of the open source browser Mozilla besutan a newly released," Keizer said, as quoted by TG Daily, Thursday (10/12 / 2009).

"However, Chrome can not match the speed of Safari 4.0.4, which Apple's browser besutan it had previously predicted 12 percent faster than Chrome beta for the Mac," he added.

Keizer asserts that Chrome currently classified as the fastest browser, only for the Microsoft Windows platform computers.

As is known, some time ago, exactly in September, Computerworld tested Chrome 3.0 on Windows computers. At that Chrome 3.0 easily beat all its competitors in terms of speed, including Safari that when it took second place


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