12 tips to avoid viruses

Written By The Ones on Friday, December 4, 2009 | 8:15 AM

Some of the effects the virus is very diverse. There was the usual level category, meaning that only affect the performance of your computer system. At a higher level viruses can also delete important data you. Highly fatal, even viruses can damage your computer system. Computer connected to the network, could be a virus can turn your computer as a zombie computer (a computer-controlled by someone else).

This 12 tips for u :

1. E-mail is one way viruses spread most easily and most dangerous. Make sure you open the e-mail from sources that you make sure kebenaranya. If the e-mail that you get comes from sources that you do not know or did not come from the contact list you have, immediately delete the e-mail. Make sure the incoming SPAM list immediately evacuated. Do not even time to open it.
2. USB Flash Disk is the method most widely spread of the virus after an e-mail. So make sure you update anti-virus well before USB Flash Disk into your computer connected. Scan it before opening. How to open it also do the double click, but with the right click and select Open. This way is safer to avoid the viruses that enter through the autoruns included in USB Flash Disk.

3. Be careful to use e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook client. Make sure the program is properly updated. If the operating system you use is pirated, I suggest you use e-mail client that its free and can be updated automatically, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Pegasus.

4. Everyone must know the Internet is the largest source of spread of the virus in the world. Nearly 80% of viruses spread through the line. The following safety tips when you are done surfing the realm of the internet: - Do not click on pop-up window is displayed. For example a notification that you are the winner of a lottery or click several times to eat you'll win a lottery. Actually it is a malicious program that automatically send a trojan or spyware to your computer. - You can use the feature or program to atomatis block pop-ups that will be displayed. This feature is usually already included in the web browser you use.

5. Search engines like Google sometimes can not filter out sites that are considered as dangerous. For that you can install a program that can automatically detect sites that are not worth a visit or dangerous. Free program you can use the AVG Link Scanner. AVG Free program made it able to detect the sites google search results. If the site contains malicious viruses, it will display a warning or the site will be automatically blocked can not be opened.

6. Install anti-virus you can trust. No anti-virus should be paid, for home users / person you can use free anti-virus that is not less popular with paid anti-virus, such as Avira, AVG, Clamav, and others. Make sure you regularly update anti-virus to ensure that you install a virus able to withstand the increasingly developed kemampuanya.

7. Install anti-Spyware is also to prevent malware and spyware. Both these malicious programs can create other than a slow computer, can also mengahantarkan your computer as a zombie computer that can control the people out there. Some anti-spyware programs are quite popular free is Spyware Doctor, Spyware Terminator, etc.

8. Do not ever open an attachment that is included in the e-mail from unknown sources well. Although file attachments that are included are a rare file formats such as carrying the virus. Txt,. Jpeg,. Gif,. Bmp,. Tif,. Mp3,. Htm,. Html, and. Avi, but make sure you first scan.

9. Use a disk (CD / DVD) for mengimpan / backup of important data that are not easily infected with the virus. CD / DVD its only read only (only readable), but make sure before you moved into the disk, the data has been free of the virus. Karen if the virus data, it is useless to be stored on the disk.

10. Set the operating system you use to always perform regularly updated. This can reduce the risk of virus attacks from outside because the gap viral entry have been closed by updates that you do. But the update can only succeed if the operating system you are using is genuine. If not I suggest using a free operating system such as linux.

11. When you download programs from warez sites, make sure your anti-virus installed and updated properly. The files that come from these sites sometimes deliberately infiltrated by dangerous viruses.

12. Finally I suggest, do not visit sites that contain malicious viruses and malicious programs that can endanger your own computer, such as warez sites, crack, serial, porn, and others.

12 tips so you can do to secure your computer from virus attacks. One thing you need to understand "keep / care is better than cure". Good try.


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