Avoiding Spam

Written By The Ones on Friday, December 4, 2009 | 8:42 AM

Here are some tricks that can be done to ward off spam invasion recommended by Symantec's.

Who should to do:

- Unsubscribe from legitimate mailing-list if you do not want to receive messages again. When registering to receive email, check out additional items whatever you want at the same time. Do not select the items you want.
- Selective in terms of sites where you register your email address.
- Avoid displaying your email address on the Internet. Consider alternative options-for example, use a separate address when registering at a particular mailing list, have several email addresses for many different purposes, or look for a disposable email service.
- By using the instructions provided by the administrator, report spam if you have the option to do so.
- Delete all spam
- Avoid clicking on suspicious links in emails or IM messages, because it could be connected to a fake site. We recommend to type a website address directly in the browser rather than trust the link in the message.
- Ensure that the operating system up to date, and use security software packages are comprehensive.
- Consider the anti-spam solution that has a good reputation for handling filtering throughout your organization.

Who should not to do:

- Opening an email attachment from an unknown. This appendix can infect your computer.
- Replying to spam. Usually forged email address, and reply to email spam will result - Fill out the form in a message requesting personal or financial information or passwords (passwords). Leading companies can not ask for your personal information via email. If you hesitate to contact the company through a trusted independent mechanism, such as by verifying the phone number or Internet address is known that you type into a new browser window (do not click on or cut and paste the link in the message).
- Buying products or services from spam messages.
- Open the spam message.
- Forward any virus warnings you receive by email. It could be a lie massages


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