iPhone 4.0

Written By The Ones on Thursday, December 24, 2009 | 12:24 AM

The news about the new iPhone Operating System (OS), iPhone 4.0, actually come to the surface since the beginning of this year. Mentioned issues if the OS gress that will appear at the beginning of 2010.

It could be a living presence of this month, will be close to reality. The problem, a source at Apple said the company early last week the iPhone OS 4.0 is in testing stage, complete with the results feedbacknya trouble.

Quoted Apple Insider, Wednesday (23/12/2009), unfortunately the test results and report, is not known what the advantages of the most popular phones in the United States. This condition reflects that Apple wants to seal new product launches until the time comes.

IPhone lovers certainly worth waiting for the upgrade of the OS, is because these operating systems tested and compatible with the latest hardware for the iPhone. In fact, it could be the iPhone 4.0 will be present together with the latest generation iPhone, which is likely iPhone 4G.

Interesting to wait, if this brand-new OS will be present along with the most new iPhone. Company's own Steve Jobs, has big expectations to introduce new products at Apple's annual celebration exhibition, Worldwide Developer Conference


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