Windows "black screen of death"

Written By The Ones on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 | 9:35 AM

Microsoft denied the issue 'black screen of death' that hit Windows computers. They found no strong evidence to suggest that the latest security updates for Microsoft's troubled operating system (Operating System) Windows.

The term 'black screen of death' is a state where the computer screen suddenly died and dark after a user to log in. This problem is detected by the computer network security firm and UK-based internet, Prevx.

Prevx claims this change the registration of the Microsoft OS, namely the store databae configuration setting, causing an error on some computers. But Microsoft's own Prevx disagree. Such information is quoted from Reuters, Wednesday (2/12/2009).

"Microsoft has investigated reports stating that November security updates only affect the occurrence of changes in registration that caused the system error, such as the middle of busy consumers complained," said Microsoft spokesman Christopher Budd.

Budd said the Microsoft has found that the report was not accurate. According to him, a thorough investigation has shown none of the newly released update related to the issue of black screen of death.


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