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Written By The Ones on Thursday, December 24, 2009 | 12:29 AM

Popular Firefox browser is almost ready to begin his first appearance in the mobile browser arena. Vice President who gave birth to the Mozilla project is Jay Sullivan says Firefox Mobile is through the various stages of testing and ready to be released before the end of 2009.

This time, Mozilla is no longer shy about giving leaks Firefox Mobile. Sullivan said one of the first unique mobile browser is Mozilla's is able bersinkronisasi with the desktop version of the Firefox browser or computer.

This means, all the pages that are opened on the desktop Firefox users will automatically be opened and viewed on a mobile version of Firefox.

"We ended office hours, you can leave the computer and still continue through the phone," Sullivan said as quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday (24/12/2009).

"This browser encrypt all the information and send it back through the 'cloud computing' between desktop and mobile versions," he explained.

If all goes according to plan, before the end of Sullivan's hope Firefox Mobile users can download the Nokia N900 via the Nokia Ovi Store. As was widely reported earlier, N900 will be the first mobile phone that can operate this browser.

Mozilla is trying to develop a browser to be used for the OS (Operating System. Firefox Mobile for Windows Mobile OS version was in the early testing stages and is expected to be completed in early 2010.

In addition Mozilla Firefox is also actively developing mobile versions of Android, but not yet certain when the development will be completed.

And what about mobile users with the iPhone OS platform? Apple iPhone users are happy to use Firefox on the desktop seems to still have to wait.

According to Sullivan, Apple is the platform 'exclusive' that has not been established when iPhone users can share in the ability to synchronize with the desktop version of Firefox mobile


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