Windows 7 secret

Written By The Ones on Monday, October 26, 2009 | 10:09 PM

Windows 7 was born with the lure of a variety of advanced features. Well, from a row of these capabilities, there are 5 secret reliability of Microsoft's operating system.
Presented Narenda Wicaksono, Technology Consultant Microsoft Indonesia, 5 Secret is : consists of simplicity, search, slice, side by side, and sharing
Simplicity, says Narenda, practically as a keyword that is used for developing Microsoft Windows 7, his giant software producer wants to make the activities of user can be understood in a simple, yet not leave the impression of sophistication.
Such as providing an easier navigation in accessing a variety of documents and applications, and ease of making a shortcut and jump list.

The second is the Search feature, This feature is one of the most reliable Microsoft in Windows 7. Through the feature 'Search' that has been modified to search for documents and applications more quickly secured, Not only the title of a file can be tracked, but the words inside the file can also searched.
"Search facility is no longer just for the title, but can go up inside the document," said Narenda when acting in the release of Windows 7 and Windows Phone in Jakarta.
the third Secret is a slice or a third whose full name Web Slices, This feature, he added, can be utilized when the user wants to 'cut up' the content of an Internet page. The page you wanted could be cut at the top, bottom, right corner and more.
So the user does not have to open the whole page and can save bandwidth," said Narenda.
Side by side into the fourth feature is championed. In general, this feature serves to facilitate the user when they want to compare documents or pages that are opened. Way no longer operational 'manual' or more sophisticated
For example to zoom out, zoom in and closed the page that opens onto the living moving, side and wiggle the page.
Sharing the secret of the last 5 S Windows 7, According to Narenda, Microsoft wants to prove that Bill Gates-owned company that cares about the needs of users who are frequently on the move to share photos, music, videos and files.
With Windows 7, share photos, documents, music and others will become more efficient," he said


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